Customers Reward a Personal Touch

Today’s retail customers desire more than a sales transaction. They prefer a relationship with their favorite brands. Seventy-five percent of consumers surveyed admitted being more prone to purchase from a company that recognizes them by name, knows their purchase history, and recommends products based on previous purchases1.

The question retailers should ask themselves is not, “Do I know my customer?” Rather it should be, “Does what I know about my customer help me personalize how I engage with him or her anywhere, anytime?”

Take Your Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Manhattan Customer Engagement helps store and contact center associates deliver outstanding service. It combines unstructured customer insight – like social conversations – with structured information, including real-time customer orders, interaction history, and preferences. The result is a unified customer profile enabling associates with clear information to personalize and manage any customer interaction.

Customer service case management is included, enabling associates to provide predictive and reactive resolution of issues before they become problems. Social listening capabilities enable associates to respond intelligently to conversations, invoke cases and use deep customer insight to appropriately respond.

Manhattan Customer Engagement is intrinsically connected to Manhattan Contact Center and Manhattan Point of Sale, enabling store and contact center associates to effectively manage any interaction using the whole context of the customer’s history with a retailer. Associates are thoroughly prepared to aid customers at any point in their shopping journey—before, during, and after store visits—with personalized treatment and outstanding service.

Features + Functions
  • Unify customer engagement across any device or operating system in contact centers and stores
  • Integrate customer references with customer and order history in the contact center and point of sale
  • Expose lifetime spend, purchase tendency, social insights, and intelligent alerts to maximize customer interactions
  • React quickly to trending events within the business that are related to customer, associate, store or items
  • Listen to, respond to, and engage with customers across social channels to provide more proactive service
  • Resolve issues quickly using advanced case management and escalation framework
  • Provide a view of customers’ previous interactions and transactions across channels, along with any open cases
  • Detect issues using predictive notifications from order management to initiate cases
  • Receive and process inbound emails, chats, and social requests, and respond to them in the native channel

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1. Source: Accenture

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