Manhattan Active™ Omni Overview

Manhattan Active Omni is the most technologically advanced ordering platform ever delivered to the retail industry; and because your customers prioritize experience, price, and speed, you cannot afford to stake your business on technology designed before many of them were born.


Retail has changed. From B2B to B2C to B2B2C, merchants are scrambling to adapt to a reality in which nearly every order is digitally influenced, delivery must be fast and free, and their stores must provide fulfillment capabilities, as well as customer sales and support. Mobile is no longer a channel but the dominant engagement platform in every channel. The ability to support the omnichannel promise to customers, profitably, has become paramount for retail leaders, and with good reason.

Almost no solution available to retailers to execute on that customer promise was designed for unified commerce. In fact, most are carryover designs from last century, built when shipping from four or five distribution centers was considered complex. They are unwieldy, use monolithic data structures, and require extensive manual support to deploy configurations and updates in order to scale. The interfaces are not responsive or consistent and most were designed before the cloud was conceived.

Cloud-native and engineered entirely with micro-services, Manhattan Active Omni solutions take the best design and process learnings of the past quarter-century of distributed commerce and deliver them in a single application platform. Powerful, modern, and scalable, Manhattan Active Omni was purposefully engineered to meet the demands of the omnichannel retailer.

We work relentlessly to deliver solutions that reduce the risk of innovation for you. Why should you have to freeze your systems five months out of the year? Why do you have to spend hundreds of cycles testing and retesting to maximize the performance of the system to meet peak demand? Why train your team on multiple interfaces and systems to expose the exact same information, just because it occurs in a different channel or phase of the buying journey? With Manhattan Active Omni, you don’t.


From the casual browser to the modern consumer who effortlessly navigates online, mobile, and physical shopping, the Manhattan Active Omni solution suite allows you to Push Possible® to deliver to your shoppers “their experiences.”

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers