Power the 'Omni' in Omnichannel

Consumers now require retailers to provide seamless, “buy anywhere, deliver anywhere” experiences. Moreover, they expect delivery promises to be consistently met, and delivery speeds to be increasingly fast. Never has omnichannel execution played such a significant role in determining a retailer’s brand image. This new normal is why omnichannel commerce remains a leading investment priority for retail leaders1. The power behind a retailer’s omnichannel experience is its order management system (OMS) and its capability to profitability delivery on customer promises.

Meet Customer Exceptions Profitably

In terms of profitability, keeping customers by removing pain from the customer journey should be a retailers’ top priority. But a close second is building efficiency that removes unnecessary costs from order fulfillment execution. Manhattan Order Management helps retailers balance the customer promise and profitability, using a retailer’s resources in the most efficient way to always meet those twin objectives.

The Best In Order Management For Retail

Ranked as the leader in omnichannel order management systems by Forrester Research, Manhattan OMS orchestrates and executes the complete fulfillment life-cycle for customer orders from any channel. With Manhattan Order Management, every system that interacts with your customers is interconnected using Manhattan’s APIs, providing a single source of operational excellence for anything related to customer orders.

Manhattan OMS excels at fulfilling orders seamlessly, precisely and efficiently at any fulfillment point enabling stores to offer endless aisle, buy online, pickup in store, and ship-from-store. The solution intelligently sources inventory across a retailer’s network of distribution centers, suppliers and stores, discovering the most-profitable route to fulfill the customer promise. With Manhattan Order Management, retailers have complete control of customer transactions, visibility and availability of inventory, and orchestration of orders across the enterprise—all in real time.

Designed explicitly for omnichannel and born in the cloud, Manhattan Order Management brings together these complementary capabilities to enable omnichannel fulfillment excellence:

Enterprise Inventory – Provides a complete view of inventory across a retailer’s network to improve the accuracy of inventory availability and fulfillment.

Available to Commerce – Tailors views of enterprise inventory to ensure inventory presented in any channel can meet customer expectations.

Adaptive Network Fulfillment – Enables real-time inventory sourcing optimization through machine learning during fulfillment execution to lower costs and maximize profitability.

Store Fulfillment - Optimizes omnichannel fulfillment from retail stores including in-store technology for managing buy online, pickup in store and ship from store.

Contact Center – Provides full access to and interaction with customer orders in one, comprehensive contact center solution.

Features + Functions
  • Support orders from any channel for a single source of truth
  • Reduce complexity and cost with a single architecture
  • MACD (moves, adds, changes or deletes) of in-flight orders
  • Track specific milestones to pro-actively raise and resolve issues
  • Audit every modification during the order lifecycle process
  • Provide support for multi-brand, multi-country, multi-currency
  • Manage payment life cycle for every order, across channels
  • Provide support for BOPIS, BORIS, ship to store, ship from store
  • Support any fulfillment like ship to home, pick up in store, ship from store and same-day delivery within a single order
  • Enable returns through any channel with automated refunds
  • Make inventory adjustments and manage enterprise inventory levels based on appropriate disposition codes
  • Leverage legacy ordering solutions to maximize existing investments with a single view of the order to customer
  • Enable capabilities like customer history lookup, save the sale, and cross-channel returns/exchanges with extensive REST services
  • Pre-integrate tax calculations with third-party tax applications
  • Pre-integrate payment processing with third-party gateways

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1. Source: “The State of Retailing Online 2018,” a Shop.org study conducted by Forrester Research.

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