Optimize Buy Online, Pick Up In Store And Ship From Store

As customer demand for omnichannel offerings increase, so does the pressure on retail store teams to manage rising volumes of fulfillment orders and meet faster delivery time. If store teams can’t keep up, order commitments may be missed, and customers left disappointed.

Visually Guided Store Fulfillment Management

Manhattan Store Fulfillment simplifies the complexity of omnichannel fulfillment in stores, helping retailers manage the growth and meet customer expectations. The intuitive Manhattan Store Fulfillment mobile application empowers store associates with information and tools to expertly manage store fulfillment from end to end. The application visually guides them through all of the steps of picking and completing customer orders for fulfillment including buy online pickup in store, ship from store, and store-to-store orders.

Optimizing Store Fulfillment With Retail RFID

With the option for using retail RFID data from RFID-tagged store inventory, Manhattan Store Fulfillment optimizes the process even more by guiding associates to the exact location of the items to be picked on a store map.

Features + Functions
  • Mobile application deployable on IOS, Android, or Windows devices
  • Complements Manhattan Store Inventory providing end-to-end store inventory and fulfillment management processes.
  • Accessible within Manhattan Point of Sale to enable store associates to navigate seamlessly and easily among store functions from a single application.
  • Reduces store fulfillment complexity and store associate training and onboarding time with intuitive, guided flows for order picking with visual instructions, progress indicators and next steps.
  • Optimizes order picking considering multiple store characteristics including store operations, processes, and layouts and the use of order, batch, and sorting strategies.
  • Utilizes store workload visibility with push notifications to alert associates about new fulfillment work and real-time counts of fulfillment backlog within the store.
  • Provides management dashboards for real-time monitoring of fulfillment work progress.
  • Manages customer pickups with staging, search, verification and signature capture.
  • Enables receipt, staging, and pick up of ship-to-store orders.
  • Allows staging, packing, shipping and tracking of parcel packages with leading parcel carriers.
  • Helps staff follow pick and pack instructions for specialty products, personalized requests and product-specific tasks.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers