The Importance of Improving Store Inventory Accuracy

Retail stores are quickly becoming the center of the omnichannel experience. With increasing demand for store fulfillment offerings like buy online, pickup in-store, greater store inventory accuracy is critical. When a customer purchases an item through a digital channel with a promise that it will be ready for in-store pick up, that inventory must be in stock. If not, the retailer has probably lost a sale ­– or worse, a customer.

The fluid environment of retail stores often creates poor store inventory accuracy – as low as 60 percent. And that is before the pressures of store fulfillment. For any retailer leveraging their stores for ecommerce orders, improving store inventory accuracy is paramount to delivering on the omnichannel promise to customers.

Mobile-Enabled Store Inventory Management

Manhattan Store Inventory helps retailers increase inventory accuracy, thus improving sales, reducing out-of-stock risks and lessening store inventory replenishment workloads. With mobile store inventory management capabilities designed specifically for store teams, Manhattan Store Inventory improves the efficiency and precision of how associates handle their inventory management work including: receiving, adjustments, pullbacks and transfers, whether by load, case, carton, or item.

The Advantage Of Retail Rfid

With its retail RFID option, Manhattan Store Inventory uses data from RFID tags and readers to automatically and continuously track and update the availability and location of items in real time. So the time it takes to manage inventory is reduced while store availability accuracy increased significantly.

Features + Functions
  • Mobile application deployable on IOS, Android, or Windows devices.
  • Complements Manhattan Store Fulfillment for end-to-end store inventory and fulfillment management.
  • Accessible within Manhattan Point of Sale, enabling store associates to navigate seamlessly and easily among store functions.
  • Integrated with Manhattan Order Management, providing seamless updates to Enterprise Inventory Visibility.
  • Provides views of segmented, in-store inventory, with disposition configuration for inventory on-hand, sellable, awaiting check, and damaged.
  • Handles receiving of merchandise in-store, by item, package, case or load, with support for package level audits.
  • Manages in-store inventory replenishment, site-to-store orders, adjustments and item transfers.
  • Reduces associate training and onboarding time with intuitive, guided workflows.
  • Works with RFID tags and readers to automatically and continuously update store inventory availability views as inventory moves into, out of, and around a store.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers