Experience better returns on your investment.

As a Manhattan Associates' customer you'll gain access to unparalleled customer support, professional services, training and benefit from our relationships with hardware providers. 

Customer Support & Maintenance

We understand that our software is a mission-critical investment for your organization. Our customer support and maintenance programs ensure that you stay up to speed with product developments and obtain the highest performance possible. We focus on creating a targeted service program that meets your specific business goals and needs. Benefits include:

  • Call center open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
  • Access via portal, phone or email
  • On-site services around the world
  • Secure, remote access to troubleshoot
  • 300+ customer support analysts

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team has deep domain experience developed through the collective knowledge we have gained from 25 years of implementing our supply chain solutions worldwide.

Our consultants assist you with the initial deployment of our systems, the conversion and transfer of your historical data onto our systems, and ongoing training, education, and system upgrades. Our Professional Services teams enable you to implement our solutions knowledgeably and in the appropriate amount of time, help you achieve expected results from system investments and continuously identify new opportunities for supply chain advancements.

Customer Training

We offer training in a structured environment for new and existing users. Training programs are provided at fixed fees per-person, per-class, and cover topics such as (but not limited to) solution use, configuration, implementation, and system administration. Several computer-based training programs can be purchased for a fixed fee for use at client sites. 

Hardware Services

Along with software licenses, and as a convenience for you, we resell a variety of hardware developed and manufactured by others, including (but are not limited to) computer hardware, radio frequency terminal networks, RFID chip readers, bar code printers and scanners, and other peripherals that meet your needs. 

Our extensive relationships with global providers allow us to remain competitive on bids for standard and leading-edge technologies in the store, on-premesis and in your warehouse. 

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