Leading in innovation.

The hyper-acceleration of sophisticated consumer technology and omnichannel customer behaviors is redefining commerce and the technology required to manage a modern, multichannel supply chain.

Successful navigation of this new commerce landscape requires technology that effectively enables omnichannel optimization and inventory integration across multiple devices and networks -- and a flexible and agile ecosystem that can adapt as the landscapes change.

Modernizing and Mobilizing 

We are committed to helping our customers effectively bridge the gap between digital selling and brick-and-mortar selling by helping our customers extend the aisle, save the sale and buy online, pick up in store.  Our mobile solutions help our customers modernize and mobilize nearly every touchpoint of their supply chains, including

  • Get warehouse managers  on the floor
  • Track and manage warehouse labor
  • Implement mobile point of sale (mPOS) 
  • Harness the power of selling against available inventory 
  • Save the sale by bringing eCommerce into the store
  • Engage customers in the store with personalized shopping and virtual showrooms
  • Deliver training materials and floor sets in real-time

These are just a few of the many mobile opportunities we offer to our customers who want to stay connected to their inventory, to their network, to their people and ultimately, to their customers. 

Leading in Supply Chain R&D

We are tackling many customer and industry-specific challenges head on with a long-term and forward-looking investment in our customers, product excellence and R&D innovation. Since 2009 we have invested nearly $496 million in research and development. 

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers