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Our committment

At Manhattan Associates, our commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable future shapes every decision we make. As a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce, we’re dedicated to building sustainability into our supply chain solutions as well as into our organisation.

“Manhattan TMS helped Giant Eagle reduce empty miles by 8% and total miles by 7.7% through optimised delivery schedules, improve cube by 7%, and filled available capacity with backhauls which improved load utilisation and lowered inbound costs.”  

Ann-Marie Daugherty, Giant Eagle Vice President Logistics 

Building sustainability into our solutions

Whether it’s empowering consumers to make ‘greener’ buying decisions, creating smarter algorithms that allow organisations to reduce CO2 emissions by filling trucks more efficiently, partnering with carbon-neutral brands like Google Cloud to power our cloud-based solutions, or simply designing products that place both people and planet, front of mind, Manhattan Associates is committed to helping our customers run their supply chains in more sustainable and environmentally aware ways. 

Empowering greener consumer-buying decisions 

Thanks to the advanced capabilities available with Manhattan Active® Omni, there is a smarter way to manage D2C operations, allowing the customer to have more influence over their retail supply chain decisions. Our hope is that by enabling our customers to give consumers the ability to influence the fulfillment process, they will make more informed and greener choices.  

Wasted space is bad for the planet not just your P&L 

Smarter Pallet Fill Algorithms, such as those built into Manhattan Active Inventory, can provide as much as a seven percent increase in truck fill ratios. 

Smarter, greener approaches to transportation

Manhattan Active Transportation Management is not just fast, it’s also more intelligent, making transportation planning and networks less carbon-intensive. Whether incorporating real-time weather, traffic, low emission zone data, or providing 80 percent faster solve times, a smarter, data-driven transportation management solution can have a significantly positive effect on environmental emissions too.  

Choosing the right partners 

As supply chain solutions increasingly become cloud-based, the nature of the providers hosting them becomes more relevant. For example, by partnering with Google Cloud as our platform for our Manhattan Active cloud solutions, we have reduced our carbon footprint. The Google Cloud platform’s continuous innovation and its net carbon-neutral cloud, mean that the working partnership between both industry-leading teams continues to be a perfect match of brand and environmental values.  

“Within 12 months of implementation, Super Retail Group in Australia was able to reduce split-order shipments by 24% thus reducing fulfillment costs by double digits through less packaging and fewer miles on the road.”

Brian Townshend, GM of Retail Omni Super Retail Group 

Operating sustainably & responsibly

We believe operating sustainably and responsibly is part of our corporate social responsibility.  We work to integrate environmental best practices across our global business to support a healthier planet for our community and generations to come. We are equally committed to responsible management of our energy consumption, waste and recycling methods.  Our offices are located in buildings that use clean energy and divert waste from landfills.

Environmental stewardship 

Reducing utility consumption and carbon emissions from the Manhattan Associates property portfolio factor in our office design, procurement, construction and maintenance. 

Choosing sustainably responsible partners

By partnering with Google Cloud as our platform for our Manhattan Active cloud solutions, we have reduced our carbon footprint. Google reports that its data center is twice as energy efficient as a typical data center and the company aims to operate on carbon-free energy 24 hours a day by 2030.

For more information about Google’s commitment to the environment, read their 2022 Environmental Report