Omnichannel Commerce

Create a single, seamless customer experience with software that unites online, mobile, and in-store commerce—providing you with more inventory visibility, sales data, and customer preferences.

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Manhattan Active® Omni

Point of Sale

Easy, intuitive omnichannel promotions, RFID-enabled checkout, and payments that work on any device.

  • Omnicart Checkout
  • Clienteling and Messaging
  • Offline Resiliency

Order Management

Global inventory visibility, optimized promising and fulfillment, plus intelligent returns processing.

  • Intelligent Pickup and Delivery Promising
  • Fulfillment Sourcing Optimization
  • Reverse Logistics Optimization

Customer Service and Engagement

Retail-focused contact center, full-service support, and customer self-service—all in a single, seamless solution.

  • Order Servicing and Payments
  • Retail CRM and Case Management
  • Digital Self-Service

Store Inventory and Fulfillment

Manage inventory and fulfill from the store with warehouse-quality efficiency—using the same app that controls selling and engagement.

  • Curbside and In-Store Pickup
  • Pick, Pack, and Ship
  • RFID Support

Omnichannel Explained

Retail Spotlight: Athleisure

Athletic wear retailers such as PacSun keep pace with omnichannel shoppers that never slow down.

Retail Spotlight: Fast Fashion

Fashionable retailers such as Hot Topic provide the latest trends to omnichannel customers that expect nothing less.

Retail Spotlight: Premium Lifestyle

Classy retailers such as Brooks Brothers provide an omnichannel experience that meets its high-end customer expectations.

Five Reasons to Choose Manhattan’s Omnichannel Solutions

Manhattan Active® Omni's unified commerce solutions are engineered to help you focus on creating extraordinary brand experiences for your associates and your customers.
  1. 01

    Experience: Hundreds of retail organizations have partnered with Manhattan to create operational and customer-experience excellence—from warehouse to store and to home.

  2. 02

    Technology: Manhattan Active solutions are entirely cloud-native—and that translates to unprecedented scalability for your peak seasons and unmatched resiliency when your stores need it most.

  3. 03

    Intelligence: For over 30 years, Manhattan’s data and behavioral intelligence teams have been designing learning systems and infusing them into supply chain commerce solutions.

  4. 04

    Extensibility: Manhattan’s philosophy of personalization—no code, low code, your code—means making a Manhattan Active solution your own is fast and easy for both your development teams and partners.

  5. 05

    Performance: Manhattan omnichannel commerce solutions are designed to reduce bottom-line operational costs while increasing opportunities for higher conversions and top-line revenue growth.

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