Delivered in a single, cloud-native app, Manhattan Active® Solutions help wholesalers achieve real-time visibility, integrated communication and across-the-board efficiencies—while always staying ahead of customer demand.

How Manhattan optimizes your supply chain

Understanding industry challenges

Customers now demand the same speed and level of service associated with retail, while wholesalers face challenges—product, price, speed of delivery, sourcing, inventory and fulfilment—compounded by inflation and labour shortages.

Leveraging the cloud

Our cloud-native and microservices architecture is versionless. That means seamless upgrades that occur automatically—with zero disruption or downtime. It’s how we are able to constantly increase the efficiency, agility and effectiveness of our solutions and why we’re trusted by many of the world’s largest wholesale distribution networks.

Unlocking efficiencies

By unifying the supply chain and creating end-to-end visibility—from planning through execution, inventory and delivery—our solutions give you unprecedented control. Everything is flexible, configurable and cost-effective.

"Our goal is to become a next-generation distributor. Through forecasting and replenishment solutions, we can do just that."

Raj Govindarajan

Senior Director Supply Chain

KeHE Distributors

Our solutions operate at optimal performance when unified

Warehouse management

Process orders quickly and more efficiently with a WMS that streamlines your receiving, put away, picking, packing and shipping while simultaneously enabling you to optimise warehouse layout and operations. Our WES built inside WMS means optimal orchestration of man and machine—regardless of automation size, type or quantity.

Transportation management

Generate the ideal solve for every carrier, rate, route mode, node and load. Map the most efficient routes and get real-time visibility into all shipments while gaining insights based on performance metrics and customer satisfaction levels. 

Labour management

Reduce labour costs and increase performance with software offering intuitive workflows to bring new and temporary workers up to speed ASAP. Increase productivity and efficiency with integrated, data-driven gamification techniques and real-time digital communication that boost job satisfaction.

Inventory management

Manhattan’s forecasting and replenishment solutions continuously monitor and fine-tune inventory based on machine learning—giving wholesalers real-time visibility into available stock, reorder levels and purchase orders.

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