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At Manhattan, we are applying technologies designed to accumulate, aggregate and analyse data in real time, for all time.

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Get more from your data with Manhattan

Preserve transactional data

Easily extract and preserve all transactional operations data for secure archival and future use.

Quicker data export

Export data fast and easy with simplified tools.

Preserve customer data

Easily extract and preserve all customer interaction data for secure archival and future use.

Improve reporting performance

Incorporate historical data along with real-time data to enhance reporting performance.

Apply real-time data

Access and ingest real-time operational data into external systems or reporting environments.

Access analytical tools

Integrate to a large assortment of analytical tools and technologies, including data lakes, business intelligence and more.

Utilise IBM® Cognos® technology

Business intelligence reporting with IBM® Cognos® technology delivers an accurate, trusted and complete picture of actual and predicted business outcomes.

Get unlimited reporting options

Utilise unlimited reporting options that are accessible on any device form factor.

View user-driven data

Access rich, actionable data with user-driven scorecards, dashboards, and reports.

Data configuration and replication

Manhattan provides a configuration director toolkit to make comparing, moving, importing and exporting environment configurations simple and fast.

Business intelligence and analytics

Deploy easily with KPIs and pre-defined reports that provide low cost of ownership and flexible customisation capabilities.


Discover more about our data management solutions.

'Data save' is the process of storing data in a persistent manner, typically on a storage device such as a hard drive or a cloud storage service. The data is saved in a fixed location and can be accessed and used at a later time or secured for archival purposes.

Data streaming is transferring data between devices in a way that can be processed as a continuous flow, rather than in discrete chunks. This allows for the processing of data in real-time—as it is being received—rather than having to wait for all the data to be received before processing it. Data streaming is often used in supply chain commerce applications where a large amount of data needs to be processed quickly, such as retail orders, warehouse operational data feeds, or telemetry data from devices and robotics.

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, processes and practices used to collect, integrate, analyse and present data in order to support better decision-making in an organisation.

Business intelligence can be used to analyse data from a variety of sources, such as transactional databases, social media and operational analytics tools, including data mining, data visualisation and reporting.

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