Customer Support

Our mission is to ensure your success. We do so by providing 24/7 global customer support, performing regular system health monitoring of your solutions, enabling access to Premier Support resources, consistently implementing new functionality and innovation, and administering programs that accelerate operational excellence.

Support Contact Options

We Provide 24/7 Global Support

We are here to solve problems, improve functionality, and assist whenever and wherever you need us. With Manhattan product support services, you can count on:

  • 24/7 major incident and product issue support
  • Continuous monitoring of application and cloud infrastructure health
  • Consistent delivery of code updates and newly released innovation

We Monitor—Constantly

We pride ourselves in solving problems before they happen. To keep your system running smoothly, we do proactive application and infrastructure monitoring via Cloud Operations. That way, you’re always up to date on maintenance and product developments.  

We Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

We’re a cloud-native company. You’ll never have to take your system offline or miss an order to perform upgrades.  We know how to support technologies that sync with an interconnected, constantly changing online world. 

We Offer Customized Support

Premier Support

By combining our expertise with your support team, we can tailor Premier Support to whatever your business needs—freeing your staff to focus on other business initiatives. Benefits include: 

  • Augmentation of your support team with Manhattan product experts
  • Peak season support for your busy periods
  • Proactive monitoring of your interfaces, jobs, and MHE messaging
  • Continuous workflow validation to test your workflows using your extensions, data, and configuration

Operations Success Services

We start with a comprehensive onsite operations review. Then, we develop ways to reduce your costs and maximize your efficiency. This includes:

  • Distribution Center (DC) supervisor assistance to empower DC leaders
  • Implementation of new functionality and extensions, accelerators, and additional DC rollouts
  • Onsite DC and store operational reviews, including review of network inventory and fulfillment strategies
  • Enhanced customer engagement in post-purchase activities

DC Operations Success Service

How Can We Support You?

Our Customer Services Organisation (CSO) team is here to ensure a smooth transition to your new software solutions and more—let us show you how we can help. Choose three easy ways below to get in contact with the team.