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It’s not just technology that is moving faster. The nature of relationships between retailers and customers, warehouses and staff, and couriers and shippers is experiencing evolutionary shifts. Slowing down isn’t an option. Your enterprise must remain active. Manhattan Active Solutions allow enterprises to optimise large and complex operations, adapt to market and demand changes, and iterate and innovate with speed. By using our solutions, your enterprise has technology that is continuously adaptive, always current and seamlessly interconnected.


When an enterprise is active and able to compete in a world that prioritises prices, product availability and speed, it has a competitive edge. It need not start from scratch when it’s time to deploy a new approach, iterate a process to make it more efficient or adapt when it finds itself among new competitors. In retail, customers have ubiquitous access to products online with virtually limitless choices; many of today’s shoppers fuse together in-store and online shopping experiences. While traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers are experiencing competitive threats from pure-play digital sellers, modern shoppers are proving through their actions that online doesn’t serve all of their needs. Indeed, digital-only merchants are experimenting with physical stores, and physical retailers are experimenting with new store formats and improved digital capabilities. Physical and e-commerce retailers alike are striving to offer distinctive selling and engagement experiences to their customers.

Beyond retail, finished goods manufacturers and wholesale distributors are experiencing the consumerisation of their industries. Their customers have grown accustomed to digital advancements in their everyday lives and are starting to expect greater convenience and improved service from suppliers and partners. Using solutions that provide agility, an enterprise-wide approach and customer centricity, these companies can place themselves on a firmer footing for today and Push Possible for tomorrow.

Consider what’s already here or coming soon

New ways to shop and new places to sell

Facebook’s 1.71 billion active monthly users can pay for items through a 'buy' button via its messaging service, with transactions aided by bots powered by artificial intelligence. To make the most of this technology, retailers need to consider it in their customer service and stock availability capabilities.

Millennial disposable income on the up

Forming nearly a quarter of the US population, millennials have spending power that is expected to rise significantly over the next 10 to 20 years. They seek out shopping experiences that are tailored to their digital-first, mobile lifestyle.

Store-based fulfilment growth

Ninety per cent of retailers expect store-based fulfilment to account for up to 35 per cent of order volumes, with 80 per cent of retailers enabling 80 per cent of their stores to handle fulfilment.

Transactions with promotions rising

Based on an analysis of $4 billion (£3 billion) in online retail transactions, the number of US receipts that included promotions jumped 79 per cent in a one-year period. More promotions make stock planning more complex and make the stock analyst’s job more challenging.

Consumerisation of commerce for B2B and wholesale

The global B2B e-commerce market reached $6.64 trillion in 2020 in the U.S. alone, and brand manufacturers are seeing 20 to 30 percent annual growth in their direct-to-consumer channels. These trends point to an environment of greater price competition, the need for more stock availability and control, and an expectation for faster fulfilment speeds. It means your enterprise needs to pivot its point of view.

And that’s why we offer Manhattan Active™, a stream of capabilities you can step into anywhere and at any time. Manhattan Active Solutions can be used in concert or discretely, and they allow you to make connections between functions where they didn’t exist before—opening up new opportunities for you to Push Possible™.

Manhattan Active Solutions optimise operations for selling, customer service, fulfilment and distribution in order to increase revenue and profitability. Together, they enable seamless integration of physical and digital retail, stock management and distribution across the enterprise — and empower your team to Push Possible®.

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