Today, stores need to be more than just sales centres. They need to fulfil omnichannel promises and create memorable experiences. That means arming store teams with technology that helps them engage customers, manage inventory and exceed expectations.

Deliver Seamless and Personal Customer Buying Experiences

Merge your brick-and-mortar store with your ecommerce platform to create a true omnichannel buying experience. We help with:

  • Comprehensive omnichannel cart with stackable promotions
  • Intuitive associate tools for clienteling and engagement
  • Ability to understand customer preferences, tendencies and trends

Unlock Intuitive and Easy Omnichannel Store Receiving and Fulfilment

To keep your promises profitably you must enable total store inventory visibility and execute flawless fulfilment. We provide your teams with:

  • Endless aisles of inventory across all stores, distribution centres and partners
  • Intuitive associate tools for clienteling and engagement
  • RFID-ready technology for guided receiving fulfilment

Create Lasting Loyalty with Comprehensive Customer Service

Turn your customer service into an opportunity to differentiate your brand and create loyalty. Our tools include:  

  • Digital self-service and virtual assistant support
  • Embedded case management, including social listening and service
  • Access to every customer transaction and interaction at your fingertips

Unleash The Most Technologically Advanced Selling and Engagement Solution

Leverage next-gen POS to truly enable omnichannel retailing through cloud-native, microservices technology. Manhattan solutions feature:

  • Built-in resilient cloud technology for seamless operations
  • Elastic, extensible architecture dynamically scales to match volumes
  • Constant upgrades with full support for custom extensions

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers