Manhattan Demand Forecasting And Inventory Optimization | Customer Success Story With KeHE

Manhattan Demand Forecasting And Inventory Optimization | Customer Success Story With KeHE

KeHE is the largest natural, organic, and specialty distributor of retail products throughout North America. Looking to upgrade its previous aging legacy software, KeHE selected Manhattan Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization to unify and improve its forecasting capabilities. Watch as Executive Vice President of Supply Chain at KeHE Geoff Goetz talks about implementing through the Covid-19 Pandemic, finding the right supply chain partner with Manhattan, and how the DCs using Manhattan’s software have significantly outperformed those that have yet to finish implementation.


Before implementing Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization (DFIO), KeHE had two separate aging legacy software solutions in place: one for demand and one for fulfillment. This process was not providing the visibility nor the results KeHE’s supply chain leaders were looking to achieve. They knew they needed an upgrade to their software to streamline their demand forecasting and replenishment processes, optimize their capabilities, and better serve their customer’s needs.


Manhattan’s demand forecasting software provides visibility into network demand and combines innovative forecasting techniques with demand cleansing, seasonal pattern analysis, and self-tuning capabilities to accurately anticipate demand even in the most complex scenarios. It's designed to rapidly respond to all shifts in demand and delivers an array of unique innovations that make it ideal to address the dynamic nature of assortments that span multiple demand channels.


The control DCs that had gone live compared to the DCs that were still yet to implement significantly outperformed on forecast accuracy and even in KeHE’s turn and fill rates. And since implementation began, KeHE has seen improved customer service levels and a 25% reduction of spoils, which for an environmentally conscious food distributor such as KeHE, is very important.