Transportation Procurement

Be Prepared: Changes Ahead

Selecting the right couriers for your business has a direct impact on profitability and customer satisfaction. But with the dynamic nature of supply chains, the best combination of couriers for today may be different tomorrow. Manhattan’s Transportation Procurement allows you to determine the ideal combination of couriers, and balance price against other factors, such as capacity, service and quality.

Dynamic supply chains require a powerful and reliable solution that will streamline the sourcing process, and that can respond to changes, such as

  • New vendors, DCs, stores and customers
  • Customer demands and service requirements
  • Varying shipment volumes
  • Courier mergers and acquisitions
  • New regulations
  • Contract expiry
  • Fuel prices

Transportation costs are the largest element of total logistics costs, so transportation professionals must have clear visibility of transportation spend. The ability to evaluate cost, service and other factors when selecting couriers is vital, especially since the best courier isn’t always the least expensive one. And shippers simply can’t afford to run operations with stale rates. Transportation Procurement provides the power to respond quickly to change while minimising costs.

Better Visibility, Optimal Results

Widely recognised as one of the most powerful logistics procurement systems available for managing transportation bids and contract sourcing, our Transportation Procurement solution automates best practices and standardises the entire bid process, from RFP to final contract.

We can help you

  • Standardise and simplify the bid collection and optimisation process
  • Improve courier communication and collaboration
  • Utilise historic and forecast data to better prepare couriers for bidding
  • Benchmark and track rates and service over time
  • Determine multiple awarding scenarios based on cost, service and other rules
  • Understand the true cost impact of sourcing decisions
  • Improve spend visibility
  • Increase accountability
  • Create a repeatable and automated bid and award process

By optimising the strategic sourcing process across modes, Transportation Procurement lets you match your lanes and demand with courier offerings to ensure you contract the best rates and capacity available.

Features + Functions

  • Automate contract sourcing and reduce transportation costs for all modes of transportation
  • Allow alternative pricing using ad hoc or prescribed bundles
  • Evaluate bid responses using benchmark data
  • Optimise contract award combinations with scenario management
  • Accommodate incremental bids to secure capacity outside existing contracts due to dynamic network changes
  • Integrate contract awards seamlessly with Transportation Planning & Execution

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