At the heart of Manhattan Active TM is an all-new multi-modal optimisation core that is the fastest in the industry. It utilises in-memory computing technology that keeps data cached instead of having to recreate a hierarchical data structure each time new parameters need to be planned.

The result is a quantum leap forward in processing speed, analysing and optimising up to 10x faster and reducing solve times by as much as 80%, while also delivering better plan quality.


Manhattan Active TM is not only faster, it is more intelligent. In fact, it is the first self-configuring and self-tuning transportation engine. A single, multi-modal solver combines the industry’s best solution quality and highest performance, while eliminating the complexity of configuration for planners.

A comprehensive, probabilistic analysis of the transport network determines which algorithms are needed based on the problem being solved. The system automatically picks between multiple route generation techniques in real time without any oversight required by the transportation planner.


The adaptive optimisation engine requires much less configuration and handholding than is common with traditional solutions. Transportation planners and IT project managers know it is not uncommon for there to be significant numbers of detailed parameters that must be adjusted to perfect a traditional TMS plan. Manhattan Active TM now configures and tunes those factors automatically for optimum results. Hundreds of manual configuration parameters have been eliminated.

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