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Sanjeev Siotta, CTO of Manhattan Associates, talks about how cloud-native applications are paramount to ensure we are agile and respond to customer needs.
Learn the benefits of cloud-native rather than cloud-enabled technology.
In this video, take a look back at the highlights of Manhattan Exchange Europe 2018.
Sanjeev Siotta, CTO of Manhattan Associates, explains how cloud-native applications enable you to make changes on the fly, even during peak.
RedMart leverages SCALE to manage their warehouse operations and to help them fulfil the evolving demands of today's grocery.
See how the customer and the product journeys connect for a great experience.
See why omnichannel leaders are implementing simultaneous wave and waveless fulfillment in warehouses to transform their supply chains.
Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce service provider and online distributor aCommerce has selected the Manhattan SCALE™ product suite to support its continued expansion in the Southeast Asia region.
Learn how Simon and Schuster updated their supply chain and how it has given them a competitive advantage in the publishing industry.
Learn how PUMA handled enormous growth while increasing customer service.

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