Transportation Management System

Modernizing Your Transportation Strategy

We are moving more items and more vehicles, more often than ever.

This makes it hard for even the most experienced shippers to plan and execute. A lack of transportation visibility, volatile fuel prices, reduced capacity, new tariffs and governmental regulations all have a hand in higher costs to serve and more pressure on margins.

Transport management systems must become more flexible and responsive to price and service pressures to harmonize inbound logistics management, outbound logistics management and carrier management with the demands of omnichannel fulfillment.

And that means optimization no longer just an issue for large global carriers and shippers. The changes in consumer delivery expectations, the reduction in store sizes, and the effort to reduce safety stocks have created a just-in-time system of transportation that affects every shipper today, big or small.

In the next-day era of fulfillment, organizations that embrace optimization can increase profitability, lower global carbon impacts, and even improve the experiences and engagement of our drivers, who cover fewer miles, spend less time in traffic, and more time with their families.

But that means the modern TMS has to juggle a lot of moving parts, including more modes, resourcing and contracting options, simultaneous inbound, cross dock and outbound processing, numerous and ever tighter delivery windows, and much more.

At Manhattan, we are leaning on 30 years of solving the industry's toughest problems with advanced machine learning and intelligence. The result is a powerful modeling and optimization solution for transportation networks that gets smarter over time. That means tackling problems that get exponentially more difficult the bigger they get. And the problems in transportation are only getting bigger.

Cloud Transportation and Logistic Solutions

Manhattan transportation and logistics management solutions are available in the cloud or on premise to help your organization manage every transportation function, across any mode or size of network, including freight and billing conciliations and freight tracking and tracing capability. Private fleet and common carrier management are supported as well. With Manhattan, transportation planning is global, across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

From strategic analysis, procurement, and operational planning to execution, visibility, and freight payment or claims, Manhattan TMS helps shippers reduce transportation costs, improve service levels, automate processes, streamline execution, and lower operational risk.

Because, big or small, no matter where we are on the planet, when we optimize for less mileage, less time in traffic, and more efficiently loaded vehicles, we minimize costs and maximize profitability and sustainability. So whether you are a large grocery store chain, or a supplier to one, we have a solution designed to help you optimize for today, and tomorrow.

Recognized as a leader in usability and user experience, Manhattan TMS and Carrier solutions simplify and optimize today's complex logistics operations, so you can focus on your customers instead of your systems.

Contact us today to learn why global leaders and innovators like The Home Depot, Walmart, McKesson, Papa johns, Under Armour and so many more turn to Manhattan Associates to help them.

We can help you
  • Proactively plan capacity
  • Mitigate disruption and risk
  • Achieve higher asset utilization
  • Lower miles travelled
  • Reduce handling and transit times
  • Increase operation insight
  • Improve overall flow of goods
  • And reduce IT capital and resource expense

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