Personalized Selling in Stores

Omnichannel commerce cannot be optimized without personally engaging with your customers. Leading retailers are capitalizing on their stores to build strong relationships with customers.

Empower Store Associates With Clienteling

Clienteling capabilities within Manhattan Active® Point of Sale empower store associates to provide tailored support at key points along the shopping journey before, during, and after store visits. Clienteling integrates digital selling aids for store associates to drive exceptional store-based customer experiences. Available anywhere in the store through an intuitive mobile or fixed experience, it enables store associates to become brand ambassadors and orchestrate immersive customer experiences that differentiate the retail brand.

Integrated and Extensible

  • A part of the Manhattan Active Omni unified commerce solution for seamless engagement across store selling and fulfillment functions
  • A single, responsive user interface for customer engagement on any store device
  • Integrated easily with legacy or third-party recommendations engines

Single View of the Customer

  • Access a 360° customer view across channels, including order history and customer wish lists
  • Foster customer outreach and personalization of in-store interaction with customer profiles, history, and preferences
  • Organizes product style, coordinates, and separates with customers’ preferences

Engage Personally

  • Utilize discrete “black book” capabilities for high-touch customer engagements, including customer contacts, appointment booking, and personal invitations for special events
  • Manage interactive look books to share with customers
  • Provide recommendations, scratch pad, and customer notes
  • Guided selling to help personalize customer-specific needs

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers

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