Engage your workforce

High customer service expectations, volatile demand, SKU proliferation and smaller order sizes driven by omnichannel commerce require greater employee productivity and efficiency than ever before. Yet, according to Gallup Research, 70 per cent of US workers are not engaged and/or working to their full potential. In today’s fast-paced economy, an engaged workforce is vital to success. It can lead to increased innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance, while reducing labour costs.

Manhattan’s Labour Management solution helps to close the employee engagement gap by providing a system for identifying and rewarding strong performers, while providing essential training and coaching for employees not meeting their goals. The result? Improved workforce efficiency, reduced turnover and increased productivity in the warehouse.

Labour Management also enables managers and supervisors to forecast workforce requirements, track productivity and calculate incentive pay. And with this intuitive mobile solution, supervisors can spend more time on the warehouse floor, where they can interact with their teams, take real-time action to eliminate bottlenecks, work with low performers and ensure operations are running smoothly.

Features + Functions
  • Measure how staff is performing against engineered labour standards
  • Take advantage of prescriptive workflows for coaching and interacting with employees
  • Provide systematic feedback to employees through a consumer grade score-card that includes performance feedback and gamification capabilities
  • Optimise overtime, regular and temporary labour based on demand forecasts
  • Use mobile capabilities to facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor, with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
  • Calculate incentive pay and feed into payroll systems
  • Use 'what-if' analysis to determine optimal staffing requirements
  • Forecast and plan labour by day, shift, job and zone

Boost performance at work

While Labour and Warehouse Management functionality have traditionally been approached separately, Manhattan’s Performance at Work initiative brings them together. This tightly integrated offering uses a shared data platform that allows goals to be measured in real time based on actual performance. And with increased access to critical performance data, the Performance at Work initiative improves employee engagement and increases supervisor effectiveness.

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