We are committed to providing expert services that ensure your operations run smoothly and continually enhance your return on investment.

  • We administer 24x7 global support
  • Monitor system health with you and Cloud Operations
  • Offer Premier Support services to help your team
  • Help you benefit from new functionality and support facility rollouts
  • Focus on your DC Operations' Success

Product Support

  • Provide 24x7 major incident support
  • Research, equip updates and resolve any Manhattan product issues
  • New feature release notification & coordination
  • Application and infrastructure monitoring via Cloud Operations

Premier Support

  • Augment your support team with level-2 triage and support
  • Peak Season support for busy periods
  • Proactive workflow & interface monitoring
  • Automated Regression Testing (ART) for customer-specific flows prior to code drops

DC Operations Success

  • Implement new functionality & additional DC rollouts
  • New extension development
  • DC operational process optimization to maximise leverage of MAWM
  • DC supervisor assistance to empower DC leaders
  • Comprehensive onsite operations review 

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers