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Target Times for Conducting Labour Activities
Low employee productivity, inaccurate picks, high turnover, safety issues, high overtime, temporary employees and absences are all signs your labor force isn't optimised.
Allow Supervisors to Spend More Time on Floor
Supervisors can be more effective when they are on the warehouse floor providing immediate feedback to employees and intercepting issues before they impact operational performance.
Schedule and Forecast Labour for Less Overtime
Out of control overtime pay is a sign staffing is not optimised, which can lead to innaccurate picks and employee strain. OT is one of the most expensive ways to meet service levels.
Define Labour Performance Standards
Engineered work standards define the pace required to perform the work involved in producing products or services Work standards offer fair goals for employees.
Get Real-time Productivity Reports and Alerts
Productivity can only be optimised if employees know they are being held accountable.
Base Incentive Pay on Labour Productivity
If you are still basing incentive pay on throughput you could be missing out on productivity gains of 10-20% or more as well as cost reductions in the warehouse.

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