Manhattan Active® Omni | Customer Success Story With PacSun

PacSun, a leading lifestyle apparel brand, selected Manhattan Active® Omni to revamp its omnichannel strategy and incorporate a solution that could scale with the retailer as it grows. Hear from PacSun’s Co-CEO, Michael Relich, about the success its seen with Manhattan Active® Omni and how this solution allowed PacSun to experience its best margins yet.


Having leveraged a legacy, on-premise order management system for years, PacSun relied on shipping ecom orders from a central DC and wanted to revamp its omnichannel strategy and incorporate functions like Ship from Store and BOPIS. The retailer required flexible software that could scale with the company as it continued to grow – leading to PacSun’s selection of Manhattan Active® Omni.


Manhattan Active® Omni is the first of its kind, engineered specifically to deliver on omnichannel promises. Born in the cloud with a microservices architecture, Manhattan Active® Omni is a suite of order management, point of sale and customer engagement solutions that is always current and fully extensible.


In just two weeks, Manhattan and PacSun worked together to implement Manhattan Active® Omni and train employees remotely. Once up and running on the solution, PacSun shipped 40,000 ecom orders a day from its stores, experiencing the best margins in the retailer’s history and avoiding aged inventory sitting on its shelves.

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