It’s about location, location, location

In warehouses, like the property market, location makes all the difference. Product location directly affects productivity, worker safety and order accuracy. You want to have the fast-moving items in the most accessible locations, heavy items placed to minimise damage and total storage capacity optimised.

The challenges of smaller orders, SKU proliferation, volatile demand and shorter order cycle times require the non-stop optimisation of warehouse space. As distribution operations adapt to requirements driven by omnichannel retail, optimising slotting becomes more critical to controlling costs and meeting customer expectations.

An optimal approach to optimisation

Because Slotting Optimization determines the best locations to slot your stock, it increases workforce efficiency, shortens order fulfilment cycles and maximises throughput. It also improves customer service by strategically grouping items together for fulfilment and updating placement recommendations based on trends and new product demand.

As a 100 per cent, web-enabled application with an advanced mathematical model that calculates optimal slotting, Slotting Optimization considers seasonality, sales trends and product variations, while maintaining preferred item sequencing and family groupings. Better yet, it is designed with capabilities to handle even the most complex warehouses.

Features + Functions
  • Set and re-set warehouse pick locations based on new product demand, changing consumer expectations and operational constraints
  • Group items for rapid fulfilment, and update placement based on sales trends and product variations
  • Use product characteristics and velocity to calculate a relative value for each potential placement
  • Aggregate values for all products, and compare millions of move combinations against user-configured strategies
  • Simulate different rule sets to find optimal configurations with scenario management capabilities

The right stock in the best place at the optimal time

Manhattan Slotting Optimization can increase picking efficiency, reduce replenishment requirements, and maximise throughput by determining the best slot locations for all products in the DC. It’s a powerful solution, with a proven track record even in the largest and most complex facilities.

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