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Raia Drogasil Optimizes Warehouse Management With a Manhattan Prescription

Customer success story on how Raia Drogasil found the right WMS to meet its supply chain needs—which required a robust WMS to withstand its large operation, ease of process integration, and adaptability to match business growth—with Manhattan.

The Challenge

To align its mission of “taking close care of people’s health and well-being at all times in their lives” to the execution of its processes, Raia Drogasil needed a solution that would transform its retail fulfillment capabilities and speed up its ecommerce without pausing operations.


Headquarters: Brazil

Distribution Centers: 11

More than 2300 stores spread across 23 states in Brazil

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Solutions Implemented

The company contacted Manhattan and implemented Manhattan's Warehouse Management in all its distribution centers, unifying operations and increasing productivity. Raia Drogasil will also implement Manhattan's Slotting Optimization and Labor Management systems, which will be fundamental in optimizing the separation lines and ensuring an efficient flow and distribution of workloads, increasing productivity.

Labor Management

Empower employees to be more productive—and happier with their work—using Manhattan Active® Labor Management’s intelligence software that integrates gamification, incentives, and task planning.

Slotting Optimization

Slotting Optimization increases workforce efficiency, shortens order fulfillment cycles, and maximizes throughput.

Progress & Results

Raia Drogasil has achieved unified control of all DC operations, reduced time for receiving products, increased stock accuracy, and implemented total resource traceability.

Want to Learn More?

Read how Raia Drogasil was able to expand its ecommerce operation, reduce receiving time, gain better inventory accuracy, secure total traceability, and command unified control in its distribution centers with Manhattan solutions.

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