Manhattan Active Solutions enable a single view of the customer and orders—along with a single view of stock—using a common integration model enterprise-wide. In this way, stores, customer services and distribution don’t require separate, disconnected platforms or solutions to achieve business goals.


Take advantage of the latest capabilities, security best practices and infrastructure technologies as soon as they’re developed. This allows you to introduce new processes and features to your customers on an ongoing basis, without having to wait for the technology to catch up with your decision-making. And, you don’t need to sacrifice your software extensions to stay current, since they are tested to ensure that they work with the next version of a solution.


Every application offers a single view of the customer, access to the full network inventory, and end-to-end supply chain and fulfilment execution. Data that could benefit other parts of the organisation doesn’t get locked inside a silo. As a result, every touchpoint has access to the same information across sales, service, fulfilment and customer engagement functions so that you can move with more agility.


Manhattan Active Solutions support constant iteration, constant optimisation and constant innovation. They use your enterprise data to learn and make better decisions over time. In addition, they flex to support the needs of your industry and organisation.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers