Supply chain planning

Gain visibility of your entire supply chain—from end-to-end—with software that unites distribution, labour, automation and transportation in a single app.

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Manhattan Supply Chain Planning Solutions


One holistic view of every aspect of your inventory strategy. 

  • Optimised for fulfilment strategies
  • Short lifecycle demand forecasting
  • Store-size profile optimisation

Demand forecasting and inventory optimisation

Combines enterprise network visibility and advanced forecasting techniques—including demand cleansing, seasonal pattern analysis and self-tuning capabilities—to sense and dynamically respond to demand trends.

  • Customer-centric inventory optimisation
  • Omnichannel inventory optimisation
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimisation


Clear, accurate insights into demand so you can optimise inventory supply.

  • Wholesale replenishment
  • Retail replenishment

Supply chain planning success story

Industry spotlight: food distribution

Food distributors such as KeHE ensure optimal inventory levels, reduce spoilage, and create more efficient forecasting and replenishment with Manhattan.

Industry spotlight: specialty retail

Brands such as Floor & Decor are able to align inventory with customer experience strategy, gain enterprise-wide inventory visibility, and insights into true demand with Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting and Inventory Replenishment.

Five reasons to choose Manhattan’s supply chain planning

With unmatched industry experience, Manhattan provides best-in-class software solutions for omnichannel commerce, supply chain planning and supply chain execution—all built on a cloud-native platform.
  1. 01

    Improved Forecasting: Advanced demand forecasting capabilities allow you to accurately predict customer demand and reduce both stock shortages and excess inventory.

  2. 02

    Enhanced Inventory Management: Real-time visibility into inventory levels enables you to optimise inventory management and minimise waste.

  3. 03

    Streamlined Supply Chain Operations: Manage end-to-end supply chain operations more efficiently by automating key processes, reducing manual errors and improving communication between departments.

  4. 04

    Increased Visibility and Control: Centralised, real-time visibility into the entire supply chain gives you complete control and the ability to make informed decisions quickly.

  5. 05

    Increased Responsiveness: Respond to changing market conditions and customer demands more quickly—while increasing overall responsiveness and improving your overall competitiveness.

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