Consumer goods

In the consumer goods industry, the consumer is king and when companies begin to grow their direct-to-the-consumer business, Manhattan can help them succeed with unified solutions that provide unprecedented visibility and control from one end of the supply chain to the other.

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Why Manhattan for your supply chain?

You have operational obstacles to overcome

Today, new supply chain management challenges may be created by factors such as decreased demand driven by increasing inflation. Consumer goods companies will continue to be challenged to improve supply chain management performance in the face of lingering supply chain issues, disruptions and fluctuating demand.

How Manhattan can help

Consumer goods companies need to focus on creating an agile and resilient supply chain to ensure high performance in the face of increasing supply chain pressures and uncertainties. Manhattan’s resilient and agile cloud-native solutions help protect your business from supply and demand volatility, strengthen supply chain operations to manage margin risks, maintain efficiency and productivity with the new labour normal, enhance traceability and transparency to improve supply chain resiliency and adopt and supporting direct-to-the-consumer models. 

Our cloud-native, microservices technology unlocks resilient and agile supply chain efficiency

Manhattan offers a truly unified supply chain solution from inventory to delivery and planning to execution, providing crystal-clear visibility and unprecedented control. Our cloud-native and microservices architecture is versionless, with seamless upgrades that occur automatically and without disruption. It’s flexibly composable and configurable to quickly and cost-effectively enable new processes, experiences and outcomes. Optimised through data sciences and aligned through behavioral sciences, our solutions create work environments that foster the best of humans and automation to drive greater efficiency and productivity.

"It’s easier to manage with Manhattan—we know the order types and have our wave planning selection criteria rules built to bring those in as priority orders. We’re also able to take in orders hourly, which we could never do before."

Irene Mahoney

Distribution Services Manager

New Balance

Solutions for Consumer Goods Industries

The ideal Consumer Goods supply chain is unified from order to delivery, giving companies crystal clear visibility and unprecedented control from one end of the supply chain to the other. Architected for the cloud for responsiveness, optimised through data sciences for greater efficiencies, and aligned through behavioral sciences for human effectiveness, Manhattan Active® Solutions, delivered in one cloud-native app, can provide the capabilities needed for optimal supply chain efficiency.

Warehouse management

Manhattan Active Warehouse Management enables consumer goods companies to accurately and efficiently execute distribution from receiving to fulfilment, expertly navigating regulations, storage requirements, tracking requirements, labour challenges and service-level agreements. It gives distribution managers greater visibility and control with highly actionable, real-time operational data visualisations across every facility and integrated, direct communication with the workforce. It is infused with artificial intelligence to refine its optimisation and its order streaming capabilities use machine learning to optimally process retail, wholesale and direct demand simultaneously.  

Labour management

Supply chain technology that improves labour efficiency (by reducing the time it takes to complete routine tasks) and optimises labour usage (i.e., labour engagement and retention) can help combat the effects of labour shortages and offset increasing labour costs. Manhattan Active Labour Management is the first and only solution with embedded gamification techniques for daily task workflow activities like picking, packing and slotting, to inspire associates to achieve new personal records across a range of activities. It uses machine learning to continuously re-optimise the ever-changing task priorities and resource assignments within the distribution center, ensuring service levels are always met. 

Transportation Management

Manhattan Active Transportation Management is the fastest, smartest, and easiest way for Consumer Goods companies to manage transportation planning and execution. Its cloud-native architecture, multi-modal solver with intelligent self-tuning optimisation, unified user experience, and pre-integrated rate and capacity management, enable Consumer Goods companies to improve visibility, accelerate planning, and lower the cost of shipping while reducing carbon emissions. It routes items to their desired location with precise planning and execution supported by optimised carrier engagement to ensure timely delivery at the best cost. 

Inventory Management

Manhattan Active Inventory solutions help consumer goods companies ensure critical items are available, providing complete inventory visibility supported by advanced demand forecasting. It uses machine learning to continuously monitor and automatically fine-tune inventory, enabling accurately positioned inventory across the distribution network to reduce the risk of stock-outs or oversupply.

Integrated into the inventory workflow, demand forecasting and replenishment allows near real-time inventory-level sharing with buyers and planners, providing valuable visibility and insights into a wealth of structured and unstructured inventory data. 

Omnichannel Commerce

When consumer goods companies begin to grow their direct-to-the-consumer business, Manhattan can help them succeed beyond enabling e-commerce fulfilment workflows in the warehouse. Manhattan Active Omni’s unified order management, store inventory and fulfilment, point of sale, and customer engagement solutions can enable consumer goods companies, as it has for many online retailers, to deliver the high levels of service that keep today’s consumers satisfied and loyal.  

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