Demand forecasting and inventory optimisation

Experience the highest degree of forecasting powered by machine learning that constantly evolves with network demand with Manhattan Active Demand Forecasting.

Reach a new level of inventory management with Manhattan Active Omni Inventory Optimisation, a solution that aligns network inventory, channels demand patterns and profitably meets customer demand.

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Predict future need

Adjust to demand

Respond to changes in demand trends and demand patterns.

Forecast based on demand

Forecast demand levels and demand occurrence frequencies.

Alter demand patterns

Filter out non-essential forecast exceptions and self-correct when network-wide demand pattern changes are detected.

Compare forecast accuracy

Benchmark accuracy of manual forecast changes against system-maintained demand forecast—complete with audit management of forecast exceptions.

Optimise customer order inventory

Analyse historical order volumes customer by customer and enable customer-centric inventory optimisation to provide discrete analysis and optimise demand forecasting.

Understand demand impact

Protect the integrity of demand history when exceptional events occur that have a negative impact on demand, provide intelligent event-impact analysis and compute promotional event-lift expectations, based on similar events executed in the past.

Better promotional modeling

Promotional modeling helps demand planners unravel concurrent promotional “noise” by using data and machine learning to resolve the underlying causes with context, capability and compromise avoidance.

Better forecast producing

Combine forecasting with demand cleansing, seasonal pattern analysis, and self-tuning capabilities to accurately produce forecasts.

Better inventory monitoring

Monitor the health of your organisational inventory investment with at-a-glance performance metrics and data visualisations.

Demand forecasting

Predicting demand is the first step in any inventory strategy, but even the most consistent-selling item can be difficult to forecast without the right tools to help.

Inventory optimisation


What you’ll need to know about demand forecasting and inventory optimisation.

Demand forecasting is the process of estimating the quantity of a product that consumers will purchase in a future period and is a critical aspect of inventory planning, as it helps businesses to determine how much inventory to stock and when to order new products.

Inventory optimisation is the process of determining the optimal inventory for a business in order to meet customer demand while minimising costs. Optimisation helps businesses balance the costs of carrying inventory with the costs of stock-outs and lost sales.

Inventory optimisation capabilities, such as reorder point calculations and safety stock analysis, help businesses determine the optimal inventory for each product.

In today's complex market, the use of advanced analytics and machine learning models to optimise inventory levels based on historical data, sales trends and other factors can consider multiple variables such as lead times, safety stock and service level, and use this data to determine the best inventory level for each product to execute more efficient inventory management.

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