Exponential growth in eCommerce has created a drive for change in the food sector

It’s time to modernise grocery supply chains to embrace a number of new capabilities that positively impact the running of a warehouse:

  • Cloud-native microservices based applications offering scalability and agility
  • Mechanisation advances facilitating speed and efficiency
  • Employee engagement enabling labour potential to be maximised
  • Order streaming and the juggling of waves and waveless processes

Legacy is rife in the industry, both the technology and the applications in play need consideration. Cloud-native technology has arrived and is reaping significant rewards for retailers who need to scale on the fly and be constantly agile.

Whilst WMS is a given in this industry, how old is your tech stack? Consider the last WMS you will ever buy with a versionless modern day warehouse management system in the form of Manhattan Active WMS. Built to juggle different processes and remaster the art of fulfilment to accommodate eCommerce.

Order Management (OMS) now has a role to play in streamlining a multi-channel operation and orchestrating orders with efficiency and at volume. Manhattan Active® Omni is built on the same tech stack as WMS offering synergy, stability and the fastest order processing that doesn’t blink when pushed during peak.

And consider your transportation network and the green-drivers that make modeling and optimisation capability a must have.

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