Manhattan SCALE Brings Yusen Logistics Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Yusen Logistics Europe relied on a diverse set of IT solutions to support its contract logistics services operation across Europe, which meant local people were providing local solutions. This proved too costly to maintain and large, global customers required more consistency.

Yusen decided it was time to overhaul its IT systems infrastructure and standardise on a single, proven supply chain solution that could be deployed and supported both regionally and globally.

With Manhattan SCALE, implemented on Microsoft Azure, Yusen had identified the reliable, scalable and efficient supply chain solution it needed. 

Yusen needed a standardized supply chain solution that would provide customers with a consistent service experience across the world and enhance its proven global logistics services delivery capabilities.

Manhattan SCALE selected as strategic WMS because of its industry leading reputation; configurability; scalability; fast start-up capability; global support infrastructure; ability to be easily deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Yusen is now able to more effectively implement new customers and streamline start-up activities. It has better control over its logistics activities and, thanks to the performance of the cloud infrastructure its systems have a higher availability than ever. 

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