Unified Commerce Benchmark for Specialty Retail in Europe: UK Country Playbook

This UK Country Playbook is built upon insights gleaned from the 2024 Unified Commerce Benchmark for Specialty Retail in Europe, an assessment based on real purchases, real returns, and real customer journeys across digital and physical channels.

Playbook Overview


European retailers were benchmarked across three specialty retail segments.


UK retailers included in this playbook for curated insights.


table stakes and differentiating customer experience capabilities assessed.


critical segments of unified commerce covered.

Uncover key observations including:

  • How UK retailers compare to their European peers
  • Insights into the leading brands in the UK and why they excel
  • Essential findings across four critical categories: search and discovery, cart and checkout, promising and fulfilment, and service and support.

Dive into the strategies adopted by industry leaders such as Nike, Next, and Marks & Spencer.

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