Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management | Customer Success Story with DHL

Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management | Customer Success Story with DHL

DHL, one of the largest logistics companies in the world, selected Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management to break the upgrade cycle and leverage its cloud-based technology and agility for its warehouse operations. Watch as DHL’s CIO & COO of Supply Chain Markus Voss discusses the global partnership between the two companies, the technology benefits of going versionless, and how the two can combine to provide better and quicker solutions for DHL’s customers.


DHL wants to embrace a cloud-first strategy for all its supply chain software moving forward. The logistics leader still has some on-premise solutions working in their warehouses but sees Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management as a way to break the solution upgrade cycle by going versionless and as a tool to transition toward more scalable and agile warehouse management capabilities.


Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management is the world’s first cloud-native enterprise-class warehouse management system capable of unifying every aspect of distribution, and never needs upgrading. Crafted entirely from microservices, this solution ushers in a new level of supply chain speed, adaptability and ease of use.


DHL’s solutions have integrated seamlessly with Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management. DHL and its customers can be assured that they will have the latest and greatest software available to them with Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management’s versionless, cloud-native capabilities and the partnership will only continue to grow with hundreds of sites to transform in the coming years.