How to build a customer-focused order system for wholesale?

The consumerisation of wholesale is here. Driven by the technological advances and faster, more flexible delivery services your customers expect the same speed and flexibility already available to them as consumers. The success of your business depends on exceeding your customer expectations at every turn. As a wholesaler you need three capabilities today: speed, flexibility and profitability.

The Challenge Of Unified Commerce And Why ERP Can't Satisfy The Modern Wholesale Customer Demand

Designed to replenish large distribution centres, ERP systems evolved to become robust, dependable and trustworthy systems of record for wholesalers. But then everything changed. This leaves wholesalers with a significant IT dilemma. The balance of power has shifted, every day moments of trust can make or break your business. With the right advanced technology for profitable omnichannel fulfilment, wholesalers can thrive and succeed. Read the whitepaper.

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