Employee Engagement

Inspire and Motivate Your Workforce

Our Employee Engagement was born out of self determination theory. It prioritizes and optimizes metrics that are important to all humans like: recognition, feedback, happiness, personal growth, satisfaction, wellness, ambassadorship, relationships with managers, relationship with co-workers, and alignment with the company. Cultivating these attributes requires more than simply reviewing raw performance data and finding the low performers. It requires unlearning what we think we know and activating a new approach to an old problem.

At Manhattan Associates, we believe that a truly engaged workforce is motivated, productive, and satisfied. And we are taking that belief far beyond the traditional coaching and training of employees, to unify the associates’ daily work tasks with dynamic recognition, challenges, feedback and rewards in a single app that drives higher levels of motivation and satisfaction than ever before.

Gamification in the Warehouse

All labor management capabilities are now integrated within modern, mobile touch experiences which seamlessly unify the daily task workflow for activities – like picking, packing, and slotting –with embedded gamification techniques to help associates achieve new personal records for performance. Challenges for performance, throughput, tardiness, and utilization can be combined with badges for milestone achievements and rewards points that can be redeemed in a digital marketplace for prizes or local recognition. The resulting unified experience is the first-ever commercially available distribution workforce engagement application.

Employee Engagement capabilities are not meant to replace the day-to-day interaction between supervisor and associate. Rather, it is to help supervisors provide valuable feedback to employees in a more timely and automated manner. Similar to the real-time performance data we experience using fitness apps, this new capability fills an important void in the need for immediate and constant feedback for employees in a large and complex operation environment. Our capabilities are the first step to driving real improvements in motivation, satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

The key to maximizing the utilization of the workforce is to push beyond just measuring productivity. Today, we are helping world-class operations focus on employee engagement programs that give workers a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, so they are self-driven to increase their performance. Not only does it save supervisors from spending time coaching low performers, it also results in a better warehouse culture and a stronger warehouse labor force. As performance increases, so does worker satisfaction and retention.

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