Enterprises are constantly being challenged to adapt to market and demand changes, and to iterate and innovate at lightning speed. However, this agility is practically impossible without proactive monitoring of operations, both within your four walls and across your extended enterprise. It’s fundamentally important to help team members from the warehouse, transportation, stores and procurement, as well as suppliers and couriers, stay abreast of performance in real time.


With Event Management, your team can monitor millions of events as they occur, on a day-to-day basis. From buyers to warehouse supervisors to traffic managers to store staff, all parties can receive real-time notifications that enable proactive, corrective actions to improve stock control and turnover, cycle time variability and warehouse productivity.

Features + Functions
  • Manage a configurable list of events tracked across the lifecycle of stock
  • Ensure fulfilment activities are executed according to expectations and that stock arrives on time
  • Track collections and deliveries to make sure stock moves on time as promised
  • Ensure orders are accepted on time and raise critical awareness if suppliers are unable to fulfil the complete stock needs
  • Make informed decisions about whether to expedite stock by knowing when supply chain disruptions delay shipments in real time
  • Adjust schedules and reduce labour costs based on late shipment and delivery notifications
  • Reroute goods as transportation issues arise in real time
  • Receive more consistent, dependable shipments based on delay mitigation capabilities, dynamic in-transit allocation and visibility of inbound goods

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