While there is value in knowing how to synthesize the volume of data into meaningful insights, the more important aspect is how your organization can leverage data for faster, more informed decisions to accelerate ROI and time to value.

Uncover Actionable Insights with Manhattan Analytics

Manhattan Analytics delivers actionable insights from your supply chain and digital commerce data so you can make more informed, strategic decisions about your business. With pre-built dashboards based on industry KPIs, business users can easily explore the data and rapidly respond to supply chain challenges. Manhattan Analytics is designed to accelerate the speed to value by providing business users with critical insights quickly.

Accelerating Speed to Business Value

There is a treasure trove of information in the bytes of data your organization collects. The challenge for line-of-business managers is extrapolating the data that leads to meaningful and insightful decisions.

Many organizations look for a turnkey Analytics solution to uncover insights into the performance of their supply chain and any anomalies or inconsistencies they can quickly respond to. With Manhattan Analytics, line-of-business managers are able to receive immediate strategy value through rapid implementation of our solution. Line-of-business managers are able to obtain quick, seamless implementation and access to relevant dashboards out of the gate.

Features + Functions
  • Obtain high-value, actionable insights from your supply chain data
  • Visibility across multiple data sources
  • Easy integration with external systems and data
  • Out-of-the-box, prebuilt dashboards that are configurable by role
  • Business-friendly, user-driven data discovery
  • Proactive alerts with drill-down capabilities
  • Requires minimal training

Manhattan Analytics, combined with our experienced professional services organization, is able to tackle the most common obstacles impeding customers’ Big Data and Analytics strategy. Not only can our solution be implemented quickly, but additionally, to shorten the return-on-investment period, our Analytics dashboards are prebuilt and can be configured to fit the unique needs for your business. Now, your business users can extract meaningful insights for faster decision making from day one with Manhattan Analytics.

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