Today, it’s a real challenge for enterprises to optimise and adapt large and complex operations. Enterprise-wide visibility of the global network is required to make the right operational and cost decisions. Manhattan provides a single, global view of real-time order, inventory and shipment information—both domestic and international—across the global enterprise.

Powerful analytics for real-time orders, inventory and shipments

Using sophisticated data access and role-based privileges, you and your trading partners and customers, can securely see what is happening across your entire enterprise with a lightweight and responsive interface.

Whether you need to know stock positions in distant warehouses or the status of shipments in transit, analysis tools show you real-time order, inventory and shipment information so that your team can reduce logistics costs and more effectively manage couriers and third-party logistics providers.

Features + Functions
  • Monitor perishables systematically, and reduce stock loss from expired goods
  • Reduce costs associated with expedited delivery
  • Lower stock levels and safety stocks
  • Enable and optimise direct-shipping channels
  • Improve customer service
  • Achieve faster time-to-market for new products
  • Outsource logistics effectively
  • Reduce cost of goods sold through drop shipping
  • Automate compliance with customs’ 10+2 regulations

Collaborate and Adapt

Constantly expanding fulfilment methods and selling channels mean that enterprises are more dependent than ever on their global trading partners to support the scale of operations needed to compete. Manhattan Extended Enterprise enables closer collaboration with trading partners to ensure an adaptable, agile supply chain.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers