Planning Overview

Comprehensive enterprise planning, improved profits

Every enterprise does some type of planning, regardless of which vertical you’re in and whether you sell B2B, B2C or both. These planning activities could include setting top-down financial objectives for the year, modelling the revenue and GMROI impact of new store openings, sales for next season’s merchandise, or even the promotional activities expected to happen in the next quarter. Each planning process has its own unique timetables, objectives and expectations.

A single version of your stock management strategy

That’s why Manhattan Planning solutions span a broad range of capabilities, each designed to ensure your enterprise has a holistic view of all aspects of your stock management strategy. Designed to maximise the productivity of the planning organisation by reducing the time spent gathering and analysing data, Manhattan’s Planning solutions facilitate all your merchandising, pre-season and in-season planning processes.

Uniquely plan each channel, auto-reconcile back to the enterprise

Today’s retail planning has to consider multiple complex dimensions. In addition to the typical product, location and time hierarchies, nearly all pertinent business metrics vary by channel. In the past, channels were modelled as 'dummy' stores. With Manhattan’s Planning solutions, channels are distinct entities, each with their own metrics which can be planned as needed, while ultimately aggregated back to the total company level.

Forecast what's known, plan for what's not

Manhattan’s Planning solutions optionally combine with other components of the Manhattan Active® Inventory suite so that retailers can efficiently utilise optimised demand forecasting, replenishment and collaborative planning processes. Our solutions are continuously adaptive, always current and seamlessly interconnected. What’s the end result? Your enterprise enjoys improved profitability by increasing sales, margins and turnover, reducing reductions and optimising stocks.

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