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The big interview with Manhattan Associates SVP of Product Management, Brian Kinsella, and Bloomberg Radio as they discuss the supply chain challenges facing the supply chain industry.
We review five ways in which the retail industry has changed and what retailers can do to move forward and adapt.
While convenience and speed have certainly become driving factors over the last 24 months, as retailers looking to set themselves apart from the competition, other factors come into play for success when it comes to omnichannel retail fulfilment.
If you didn't make it to NRF in New York earlier this year, don't worry, we've got you covered! You can read all about the most poignant and interesting supply chain and retail developments from 'The Big Show', in our latest blog, courtesy of Manhattan's.
Research conducted by One Poll on behalf of Manhattan Associates, shows that retailers have the opportunity to turn January the 17th into a far more cheerful day with flash-sales & targeted offers.
Are grocery orders really that time-sensitive? And how financially sustainable is this model? In this blog we delve into some of these topics and explore what 2022 might bring.
Learn more about the three mega trends predicated for 2022. Agility and predictability, customer experience and empowering employees.
As an industry leader in the supply chain space especially in light of COP26, the time is right that we start talking about the topic of supply chain sustainability more actively.
Drive an agile, adaptable platform, built with microservice architecture, that allows retailers to sell, engage and fulfil from anywhere — on any device.
Learn how retailers shifted to ship-from-store in record time using Manhattan Associates cloud-native supply chain software.

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