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Are grocery orders really that time-sensitive? And how financially sustainable is this model? In this blog we delve into some of these topics and explore what 2022 might bring.
Learn more about the three mega trends predicated for 2022. Agility and predictability, customer experience and empowering employees.
As an industry leader in the supply chain space especially in light of COP26, the time is right that we start talking about the topic of supply chain sustainability more actively.
Learn how retailers shifted to ship-from-store in record time using Manhattan Associates cloud-native supply chain software.
Paul Timmer, Business Development Manager, Manhattan Associates, explains how end-to-end supply chain visibility, not least reverse logistics, can help pharmaceutical companies to better manage both prescription and over-the-counter products to reduce was
Discover the importance of a cloud-native approach and gain insight into Gartner’s assessment on how Manhattan Associates offers the only true, unified supply chain execution offering
Jacky Marolleau talks about the challenges the supply chain has faced in getting vaccines to all corners of the world on time.
In this article we look at the key technologies & strategies pharma supply chains should consider for resilience & agility to not get left behind.
Manhattan Associates’ annual supply chain and omnichannel customer event reveals cloud-native milestone to provide end-to-end omnichannel capabilities
Learn more about the three most important emerging trends in 2021. Risk, resilience and recovery.

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