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Consumer spending habits have shifted to online due to the pandemic, and it is no different for Black Friday Shopping. Read our latest research results.
We know that time is at premium for you just now, so we've gone to the trouble of summarising all the best customer and industry news to come out of Manhattan's Exchange Connect event 'live' from Europe and the rest of the world, earlier in the month.
There has never been a better time to consider future-proofing your retail supply chain against demand peaks with these five approaches.
Learn how the shift in consumer buying behaviour is shaping the grocery industry and the technology available to help you overcome the challenges.
Microservices give companies the ability to change and redeploy technology supporting a supply chain’s specific operational need at the moment it is needed.
Ahold Delhaize’s Supply Chain Transformation
Grocery adaptation changed landscape COVID-19 ecommerce and multichannel
Adaptability in retail is no longer a luxury, it’s a survival trait. Technology is the key to meeting customer expectations and situational demands.
New technology can help you navigate the new retail reality. Manhattan has new capabilities to meet today’s operational and customer demands.
Changing channels: maintaining great CX during challenging times - how Covid-19 is changing the state of retail and consumer experience forever - going online from offline, creating virtual shopping, changing supply chains across the network.

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