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Explore four key trends as we look ahead to what might influence the customer experience space next year.
Maximize throughput with man and machine in the modern warehouse.
Leveraging flexible automation to improve warehouse and fulfilment centre operations.
The growth of omnichannel shopping and fulfilment has created a new mission for companies to get closer to the customer quicker.
Transportation Optimization, Real-time Visibility and Cost Reductions are the key priorities for transportation professionals in the next 18-24 months.
The modern supply chain must quickly transform to become more scalable and more flexible to enable faster and more profitable delivery. How can maths help?
Listen to Steve Banker from ARC how to increase sustainability and flexibility in your supply chain and transportation network.
Listen to our podcast with Brian Gibson from Auburn University on the impact of ecommerce on the supply chain and transportation networks.
Read this article for top tips from an industry expert on how to achieve a successful TMS implementation and drive supply chain ROI.
Manhattan Associates is positioned the furthest in both axes of measurement: completeness of vision to the WMS market and its ability to execute on that vision.

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