Podcast: The Future of Warehousing

Warehouses and distribution centres have evolved from dark, dusty storage facilities to incredibly important and dynamic components in today’s modern supply chains.

Once used primarily for retail replenishment, today’s leading warehouses and DCs are hives of activity, servicing wholesalers, retail and direct-to-consumer fulfilment simultaneously. 

Brimming with automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the modern warehouse is almost unrecognisable from its predecessors of decades past.

With technology and consumer trends shifting so swiftly however, warehouses and distribution centres are continually having to evolve and prepare for what’s next.

In this latest episode of the Nucleus of Innovation podcast, we invite Clint Reiser, director, supply chain research at ARC Advisory Group, to discuss just what the future of warehousing might look like, with host, Chris Shaw.

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