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Retail stores have recently undergone massive transformation. But as the buying power of Gen Z grows, brands once again need to adapt to thrive.
Every shopper is demanding in her or his own way. Ecommerce fulfillment, inventory accuracy and unified commerce are keys to delivering happy experiences.
A Manhattan customer since 2015, see how leading Swedish distributor, Order Nordic, are able to get the most out of their automation, maximising labour resources, improving labour efficiency and warehouse productivity threefold thanks to the broad capabil
While others sleep, our people push possible.
The world of supply chain is dynamic and fast-paced. As we reflect on another extraordinary year of disruption, we are reminded of the positive developments and innovation we’ve witnessed too.
We have seen a huge shift in consumer expectations over the past 18 months. How does modern Point-of-Sale technology create a better customer experience for consumers online and in-store?
In 2020, global ecommerce sales ▲28%, but retail sales ▼3%. This dichotomy significantly impacted traditional business models and supply chain strategies.
An in-depth look at the individual technology markers & building blocks that make up today’s modern transport management solutions.
Picking the right solutions for your supply chain needs is key, but the processes & skills needed to make these implementations function properly is just as important.
Manhattan Active Supply Chain unifies distribution, transportation, labour & automation in a single, cloud-native app built on Manhattan Active technology.

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