The consumerisation of wholesale is here. Technological advances and faster, more flexible delivery services mean your customers expect the same speed and flexibility already available to them as consumers.

To deliver, it’s crucial to understand the decisions you are facing every day: product, price, speed of delivery, sourcing, inventory and fulfilment. The success of your business depends on exceeding customer expectations at every turn. As a wholesaler, you need three capabilities today: speed, flexibility and profitability.


Gone are the days of having weeks to fill an order. Today, customers expect their order in days, overnight or even hours. If you can’t deliver, someone else will.


Customers today want a wide range of options, both in products and fulfilment methods. The more the choices, the harder for you to manage.


In any business, but especially wholesale where margins are tight, it’s all about meeting demands, and doing so in ways that maintain your profit.

Watch this short video that shows the customer journey as well as the product journey, from order orchestration to order collection/pick up.

Manhattan Active® solutions help enterprises achieve innovation and efficiencies, whilst enhancing the customer experience. Across channels, across industries, in a profitable way.

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