With Event Management, your team can monitor millions of events as they occur, on a day-to-day basis. From buyers to warehouse supervisors to traffic managers to store staff, all parties can receive real-time notifications that enable proactive, corrective actions to improve stock control and turnover, cycle time variability and warehouse productivity.

Features + Functions
  • Manage a configurable list of events tracked across the lifecycle of stock
  • Ensure fulfilment activities are executed according to expectations and that stock arrives on time
  • Track collections and deliveries to make sure stock moves on time as promised
  • Ensure orders are accepted on time and raise critical awareness if suppliers are unable to fulfil the complete stock needs
  • Make informed decisions about whether to expedite stock by knowing when supply chain disruptions delay shipments in real time
  • Adjust schedules and reduce labour costs based on late shipment and delivery notifications
  • Reroute goods as transportation issues arise in real time
  • Receive more consistent, dependable shipments based on delay mitigation capabilities, dynamic in-transit allocation and visibility of inbound goods

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