Forecasting and Replenishment Software

Maximise your return on stock assets

In many enterprises, stock is the largest continuous investment you make, so getting the most out of this investment is critical. Manhattan’s Forecasting & Replenishment solutions enable retailers and wholesalers to maximise sales and customer service with the lowest stock investment possible. These solutions combine market-leading innovation, advanced algorithms and data science with an intuitive, visually stunning user experience, helping drive shareholder value from every stock-intensive operation.

Omnichannel Inventory Optimisation

Omnichannel transformation strategies have driven massive operational innovations, many of which have resulted in significant disruptions to optimised stock plans. But all for good reason—meeting customer expectations and driving customer loyalty. In a world where supply can be utilised by any channel, for any fulfilment experience and at any given point in time, the methods for forecasting and replenishing have to evolve. Demand is no longer one-dimensional, and stock supply must be considered in far more granular ways than in the past. Manhattan Replenishment includes unique modelling and optimisation of network stock, considering selling and fulfilment strategies by channel.

Superior science to drive maximum innovation

Manhattan’s Forecasting & Replenishment solutions were born from the belief that better science yields a greater return on stock investment for our customers. We’ve held that belief as a core tenet of our solutions strategy for many years, and this has resulted in innovative breakthroughs in the area of stock management.

Machine learning for stock self-tuning

Manhattan now offers machine-learning-based capabilities, which enable our solutions to not only detect opportunities to improve results but also to self-tune stock strategies to drive even greater financial benefits for our customers.

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