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Today’s stores are more than places to make a purchase.They are experiential showrooms, customer service centres and neighborhood fulfilment points that require a new generation of cloud based store solutions to sell, fulfil and engage anywhere. As consumers we still love to go shopping in the store. We want to touch and see the products, get advice from associates, and know we can walk out with our item immediately.

Versionless POS System


Continuous access to innovation, with new features and updates released throughout the year.

Agile POS System


Engineered to adapt rapidly to changing business and operational process and experience needs.

Mobile POS System


Save the sale through personalised selling, with any device operating system or form factor.

Resilient POS System


Cloud-native ensures sales and engagement continue, even when the network fails. 

Engaging POS System


Fully integrated text messaging for consistent digital communications with customers.

Unified POS System


Part of a single app experience for selling, clienteling, support service, inventory management and fulfilment.

<h2>POINT OF SALE (POS) FOR UNIFIED COMMERCE</h2> <p>Manhattan Active Point of Sale is the only retail POS that creates a single, intuitive experience for associates whether they are ringing up a sale, taking a return, looking up item availability at another store, or picking and packing orders for shipment. And it is part of Manhattan Active Omni, one app that unifies of order management, engagement, point of sale and store inventory &amp; fulfilment.</p>

Customer Engagement 

Real-time insights into how, when and where customers want to shop and communicate with your brand. 

Order Management

Globally optimised visibility, promising and fulfilment, with omnichannel customer service.

Store Inventory & Fulfilment

Robust, DC-quality inventory management and BOPIS, BORIS, ship from store and contactless curbside fulfilment.

Forrester enterprise POS wave


Manhattan Associates enterprise retail POS was recognized by Forrester Research as Strong Performer in the 2018 Forrester Wave for Point of Service only one year after its initial release. Forrester said, “Manhattan Associates delivers converged commerce and order management” and recommended the Manhattan Associates POS solution as the “best fit for retailers in categories… where order management and unified commerce converge.”

Top platform for pickup, delivery, returns & endless aisle

In the three years since the Forrester report came out, Manhattan Active Point of Sale has delivered more than a dozen quarterly updates to further enhance its capabilities and performance.

  • Highest rated for pickup, delivery and returns
  • Highest score for endless aisle
  • Highest score for social networking
  • Highest score for architecture

One POS System Experience For Associates


Manhattan Active POS solutions are uniquely architected to unify commerce and supply chain experiences.

Associates need tools that are as adapted as their new roles. They are sales consultants, personal assistants, inventory experts and fulfilment supervisors, which means consistency, ease of use, and performance are paramount in their point of sale systems.

Agility is the currency of commerce

The most agile technology platform in the industry means never being forced to juggle updates, upgrades, and modifications across multiple applications in search of exceptional experiences, ever again.

This is Manhattan Active technology, and it is what makes unified commerce possible.

  • Intuitive interface blends selling, fulfilment and engagement tools
  • One responsive experience, regardless of device form factor
  • Available across iOS, Android and Windows 10
  • Extensible data and design capabilities

Cloud Based Enterprise POS


While consumer expectations of purchasing and delivery expand, customer service is arguably the most important piece to get right. Shoppers today want unlimited ability to buy or receive products anywhere and everywhere, and they certainly do not expect to encounter poor customer service just because they chose one channel over another.

Manhattan experience management tools are seamlessly incorporated into the associate experience in the store to intelligently understand and engage customers from one end of the buying journey to the other.

Manhattan Active point of service capabilities include rich clienteling features, such as “black book” preferences and contacts, as well as appointment management, to deliver personalised service at key points along the shopping journey so no matter what their customer needs, store associates have a single, intuitive way to sell, engage, and fulfil.

  • Customer insights, including order history, wish lists and delivery preferences
  • Recommendations, scratch pads and customer notes
  • Appointment creation and management support
  • One app for selling, engagement and fulfilment activities


Retail POS Systems Software


From B2B to B2C to B2B2C, retail leaders are scrambling to adapt to a reality in which nearly every order is digitally influenced, and agility means the difference between obsolescence and excellence. The convergence of physical and digital in modern shopping experiences is complete and that means every retailer needs the ability to sell, engage and fulfil anywhere and everywhere.

Shattering the boundaries between channels, capabilities must be universal, available to any team member, in any location, at any time, in one app. Manhattan Active Omni delivers command and control of every aspect of omnichannel support operations. At headquarters, in the contact center or in the store, everyone now has the same holistic view of customers, inventory, orders, pickups, returns, and more, regardless of role, location or channel.

  • Social engagement natively to Facebook and Twitter
  • Email support natively with templates and editor
  • Native two-way SMS and e-mail customer messaging
  • Chat capabilities fully supported

Retail Point of Sale Software


The benefits of the cloud based solutions are a game changer. Retailers are freed from proprietary checkout technology, and the centralised nature of these solutions means no longer having to manage batch synchronisation from potentially thousands of systems in hundreds of stores. And that makes delivering on the anywhere, anytime experience customers are looking for today possible.

Accenture says, “The cloud is enabled in the extended enterprise for the retailer’s suppliers and partners, finally progressing to real-time services for POS and flexible fulfilment.”

However, there are concerns with many cloud solutions within the store because when they lose network connectivity, they lose the ability to sell. And the fact is that most retail store networks are not robust enough to ensure there is no downtime.

But Manhattan Point of Sale has all the benefits of a modern cloud based POS without the negative impact to sales operations if the network falters. It is the only point of sale available with Resilient Cloud technology.

  • In-app replication of select components in the store
  • Instant detection of network disconnects
  • Automatic re-sync when connection is restored
  • Only POS with resilient cloud technology

Integrated POS Solutions


The terms “cloud” and “cloud computing” have become generalised to cover any solution being maintained outside the four walls of an enterprise, making it hard for retailer leaders to understand what is behind cloud based retail POS systems.

Cloud-washed’ solutions cannot utilise the core elements of cloud architecture that offer so much promise to the business. The limitations of legacy solutions are just shifted to different servers where they still struggle with extensions, implementations, upgrades, scalability, licensing costs and time to market, because they are essentially the same, monolithic, on-premises solutions.

Future system solutions take advantage of virtualisation and containerisation, use APIs extensively and leverage the scalability of the Internet to autonomously harness vast amounts of computing power, making them significantly more scalable, dependable, extensible, and affordable.

Manhattan Active Omni was built entirely from microservices as a single app that supports associates and customers online, in the contact center and in the store, eliminating integrations, future upgrades or broken extensions.

  • Never upgrade again
  • Continuous updates
  • Easily extensible
  • Scalable and resilient

Omnichannel POS Promotions


Manhattan Active Omni manages the entire life cycle of omnichannel promotions and discounts across all channels within one or across multiple brands. Calculations of deals for selling carts, sales receipts and sales posting are delivered by a single enterprise promotions component that includes easy integration with any third-party commerce and marketing solutions through REST APIs.

Omnicart and enterprise promotions capabilities are seamlessly integrated to every selling environment. When a customer arrives to pick up an online order, they can add an additional item to the original order and Manhattan Active Omni will automatically apply the best possible promotion.

In every case, the customer experience is maximised with minimal effort from the retail associate. Promotions can coordinate non-Manhattan commerce systems and third-party endpoints.

  • Automatically execute offers and automated promotions
  • Define event horizons and assign deals
  • Enable exclusive, customer-targeted offers
  • Comprehensive view of deal calculations

Lamps Plus



“In just six months, Manhattan Associates has accomplished what it took a previous provider years to complete — and we’ve added significant new capabilities.”

—Clark Linstone, CFO for Lamps Plus.




In this episode, experts discuss what exactly you should consider when planning the next step in cloud operations for your organisation.

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