How Clienteling Cuts Customer Friction in the Customer Journey

By Manhattan Staff,
How Clienteling Cuts Customer Friction in the Customer Journey

The store is no longer simply a place to make a purchase and by association, point of sale technology needs to offer more than just a means of taking payment. The in-store point of sale now serves multiple roles in the customer buying journey: as a click and collect centre, a returns hub, and as a supplier of unique experiences. This is why innovative retailers are taking in-store customer assistance to a whole new level, and capitalising on customer relationship-building opportunities with ‘clienteling’.

Typically complementary to point of sale solutions, clienteling solutions provide digital sales and services aides to store associates via mobile tools, empowering them to provide expert service to customers before, during and after the sale. Clienteling helps associates genuinely solve problems for customers, drives conversions and builds customer loyalty.

Even better, with the latest clienteling technology it’s possible to provide store associates with a single view of the customer’ profile and history, access to the full network inventory, visibility of the end-to-end supply chain and fulfilment execution. As a result, this vital in-store touchpoint has access to the sales, service, inventory, fulfilment and customer engagement information to address any customer request or issue while the customer is visiting the store. The store then becomes a full point of service.

So, if your store associates are equipped with digital clienteling tools – a massive trend in global retail right now – what benefit does this serve the store, customers and the wider business?  

Store Associates become problem solvers

Store associates armed with the right digital tools can be your best offence in today’s ultra-competitive omnichannel world, particularly in the apparel, electronics, homewares and health and beauty sectors. High-value product categories typically require one-to-one help in stores, for specialist services from choosing a wedding outfit, to ordering the latest compatible smartphone accessory. Equally, a shopper who can’t find her size in the shirt she loves will greatly appreciate being able to order it via a store assistant’s tablet for next-day home delivery.

Outstanding service is delivered, driving sales, traffic and loyalty

With a tablet or hand-held device giving access to product and inventory information, customer preferences and loyalty CRM data, the store associate takes on an extended and highly-valuable role. They are a style adviser, home delivery planner,  problem-solver and possibly even a friend in-the-making.

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