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Frequently Asked Questions about Store Fufilment

Frequently Asked Questions about Store Fufilment

At Manhattan Associates, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to deliver real value from stores. Read our collection of their most frequently asked questions and our answers to explore how store fulfilment can work for your organisation. 

Get answers to: 

  1. Does store fulfilment really deliver on the promise of generating additional revenues?

  2. Will fulfiling online or click and collect orders cause out-of-stocks?

  3. What’s to stop store inventory from being sold to walk-in customers before it can be picked for fulfilment?

  4. Won’t picking and packing create a lot more work for our store associates?

  5. We’re already spending time packing orders to send to other stores. Will this add more to our workload?

  6. Won’t I have to allocate more of my valuable store space to back room storage for orders waiting to be collected?

  7. It’s already complex enough managing reward across channels. Won’t store fulfilment make it even harder?

  8. Can I really support click and collect from my stores without having daily deliveries?

  9. My associates already use multiple technologies to support in-store processes. How can I simplify our tech stack?

Bringing stores into your distribution network with store fulfilment via Order Management gives you previously unattainable flexibility without disrupting daily store operations. 

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