Give your customers their desired experiences

The experiences today’s customers want differ as much as their personalities. One customer’s idea of great retail is a high-touch, intimate encounter at their favourite store location. Another customer may seek convenience, using buy online, collect in store for prompt delivery. From window shopping to digital and mobile interactions, modern retailers need to give consumers 'their experiences' and do so with operational excellence at every step of the customer journey.

The next generation of omnichannel retailing

Manhattan Active® Omni is the first of its kind, engineered specifically to deliver on omnichannel promises. Born in the cloud with a microservices architecture, Manhattan Active Omni is a suite of order management, point of sale and customer engagement solutions that is always current and fully extendable.

Our leading-edge technology shatters the boundaries between channels, enabling universal capabilities for any member of retail staff, in any location, at any time—with one application. It provides complete control of every aspect of omnichannel retail operations—at headquarters, in the contact centre and in store. Everyone has the same holistic view of customers and their transactions, regardless of channel, with built-in case management, social listening and communications. Retail store capabilities, including point of sale and clienteling, are presented on a modern user interface across all devices, empowering store staff to support customers anywhere in the store.

Fine-grained tools for stock visibility improve accuracy and availability across the enterprise, keeping promises and building loyalty. The most-advanced retail order management system makes the entire lifecycle of order fulfilment for orders from any channel seamless, precise and exceptional. With store stock and store fulfilment information, retail stores become fulfilment points enabled with the technology to operate as effectively and efficiently as distribution centres.

Continuously innovate with the cloud

Because Manhattan Active Omni is cloud native, retailers are able to meet the continually shifting demands of their customers and the retail industry. Its microservices-based architecture eliminates the pain of extended downtime and the risks inherent in older retail systems constructed on a monolithic architectural style. Manhattan Active Omni is always current. So you get the newest features as soon as they are available, with automated scaling for peak demand; allowing you to continuously innovate while your competitors are securing their systems for the festive season.

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Deliver On Your Promise to Customers